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Hiring A Coach

This is a fairly easy process.  Anyone can hire a private coach at any time. Normally skaters who advance to the StarSkate level seek private coaching. 


  1.  QSC’s website has all Quinte coaches listed with all the information you require to make your decision.  Their contact information is also there.  The Club ensures that all coaches who are under contract are in good standing with Skate Canada

  2. You can also talk with our coaches in the arena.  There may be an issue with available ice time that fits the skill of your skater. 

  3. In deciding on a coach, parents and skaters may want to consider the qualifications of a coach and the fit of a coach with an individual skater.  Parents and skaters should annually discuss the skaters goals for the upcoming year and determine a schedule and coaching time that works for everyone.

  4. Everyone involved in skating, including coaches are governed under the Skate Canada Code of Ethics.  Skate Canada Code of Ethics 

Changing Coaches

As skaters develop and change, some may choose to leave one coach for another.  This is within the rights of all skaters and is perfectly ok and easy to do. Skaters should follow a protocol to avoid any confusion or strained relationships in making a coaching change. Parents must hire or change coaches for a skater if the skater is under 16 years of age.


  1. Parents should approach the coach you wish to move to, tell them of your intentions and then ask of their availability to take on your skater.  

  2. Once they have accepted your skater,  go talk to your current coach as soon as possible and let them know that you are changing coaches.

  3. Ask for your final bill and pay in full before moving to your new coach.

  4. Communication is very important in changing coaches - ensuring that you have secured your new coach and out of respect for the current coach discussing the change with them as soon as possible.


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